OEE/SPC Consulting

Cybertech Automation has designed, built and configured control systems for over 25 years. Supporting different industries during that time has taught us a lot about our customers. We understand the challenges unique to their companies, and we provide automation solutions that truly reflect their specific business needs.

We’ve built systems that connect with manufacturing execution systems (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). We don’t just automate a production line. We build systems that integrate with reporting systems to provide better data by design.

Quality measurement is absolutely critical in manufacturing and food production. Our customers need systems that ensure product uniformity and safety. They also need to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. For ERP systems to actually realize value, they need to connect with production systems that deliver on work order specifications and productivity expectations. Without good data, equipment uptime can’t be properly evaluated, and production targets become unattainable.

Cybertech gets involved in early control system design stages – architecting systems that integrate production HMI dashboards with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) systems – allowing customers to evaluate production against uptime targets and compare their success against industry standards.

We can also assist with statistical process control (SPC) implementations to evaluate output quality in real-time. It’s critical that product characteristics are constantly compared against the specifications of your product run, and Cybertech has experience with:

  • Monitoring fill levels
  • Comparing output colors
  • Matching products to other production samples
  • Product alignment
  • Weight validation
  • Product codes
  • Barcode reading

All of this results in tangible improvements to your overall process that reduce shipping errors and costly rework.

We’re an Inductive Automation Ignition Gold Certified Partner, and we have Gold OEE Downtime and SPC Certifications from Sepasoft. When you’re ready to connect your MES and ERP to your production floor, Cybertech is ready and qualified to assist.

Good data means good business decisions, and real-time data/measurement means maximum process adaptability. Cybertech can help you achieve better productivity with your existing equipment or develop a new control system that best supports your enterprise. Contact us today to get started.

Designs and engineers
new control systems
Replaces or upgrades
obsolete equipment
Works with various
PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
Designs and upgrades
control networks
Consolidates data and
supports production reporting
Designs and fabricates
control panels
commissioning support
Supports your drafting
and CAD needs

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