Legacy Upgrades and Online Migrations

Cybertech has decades of experience upgrading legacy control systems for all industries.

When your system nears obsolescence, we’ll work with you to capture legacy logic and minimize rewiring and reprogramming efforts. Equally important is retiring/storing working obsolete parts required to keep your system running as you systematically transition to modern equipment.

Modicon 984/Quantum Upgrades and Migrations
Online Swingovers/Cutovers and Legacy Control Systems
PLC-5 Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrades are an opportunity for your business to take advantage of best practices and control strategies not available when your existing system was installed. Cybertech’s decades of control system design and electrical and instrumentation engineering experience make us an ideal partner. We’ll minimize your downtime and train your staff to ensure that you transition smoothly into improved operation.

Online Migrations

Upgrading your legacy systems with an online migration means that you won’t have to wait for turnaround windows or costly unit shutdowns. There are some distinct advantages to upgrading your processes online:

  • Technical issues can be addressed methodically (as opposed to turnaround migrations where many startup issues can occur at once)
  • Operations has time to adjust to a new system
  • Reverting your system to a previously working state is possible
  • Your existing system can truly be as-built – exposing possible undocumented functionality
  • SIS process readings can be validated immediately
  • Upgrading activities don’t need to be schedule-driven

Cybertech will work with you to determine which processes/systems are good candidates for online migrations. This is highly specialized work, and our unique experience and expertise will help you coordinate your project work and minimize the risk of nuisance trips.

Designs and engineers
new control systems
Replaces or upgrades
obsolete equipment
Works with various
PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
Designs and upgrades
control networks
Consolidates data and
supports production reporting
Designs and fabricates
control panels
commissioning support
Supports your drafting
and CAD needs

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