Control System Design

From oil and gas megaprojects to municipal water treatment systems and forestry applications, Cybertech understands your industry and its supporting control systems.

Our electrical and instrumentation engineering is based on our solid control system design work. After spending the time to understand a client’s specific requirements, we engineer solutions to address the real-world challenges of their project. From the number of site cabinets to electrical constraints, we focus on hardware, software and network solutions that work. We position our clients for success by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their operations.

We make architecture decisions that ultimately improve your business processes – drawing on decades of experience in control systems design.

Though we’re familiar with numerous control platforms, our approach remains vendor-neutral. Our recommendations are based on what works for your company. Whether you seek PLC, DCS, SIS, HMI, RTU or SCADA solutions, rely on Cybertech to advocate the best approach for your business. Often functioning as a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) for our clients, Cybertech can work with system vendors to confirm that implementations match your expectations.

Cybertech can:

Cybertech has 25 years of experience with PLC, DCS, SIS, SCADA and HMI
  • Design and engineer new control systems
  • Replace or upgrade obsolete equipment
  • Work with various PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
  • Design and upgrade control networks
  • Configure HMI/SCADA/RTUs
  • Consolidate data and support production reporting
  • Design and fabricate control panels
  • Perform commissioning support
  • Support your drafting and CAD needs