opLYNX Mobile – Real-Time, Industry-Ready COVID-19 Site Pre-Access Forms

Edmonton, Alberta – July 3, 2020

In a world greatly changed by COVID-19, opLYNX Mobile’s operational forms have suddenly become invaluable for companies needing site pre-access questionnaires. The sheer volume of records generated by these new procedures brings significant overhead effort and cost – even to smaller operators. In order to understand and respond to the challenge of COVID-19 in their daily operations, companies need real-time access to this vital data. Their responsiveness and livelihood depend on it.

Long used in the field for data capture and operational forms, opLYNX’s reach and convenience was greatly expanded last year with the arrival of the opLYNX Mobile app. It became an instant way for customers to explore or expand the solution in their organizations – without having to make investments in specialized hardware. With just their phones, operators, foremen and maintenance personnel could now complete common operational forms and interface with the larger opLYNX solution. Years of experience in standardizing operational forms meant that the opLYNX team was ready to optimize existing app features to capture site pre-access data.

Some organizations are implementing paper-based COVID-19 forms (with their own inherent handling risks) or using pre-existing generic web-based questionnaires (where functions are limited and data isn’t immediately reportable). We’re proud that opLYNX Mobile already:

  • Supplies COVID-19 forms tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Provides safe, touchless data collection in the places you need it most
  • Records geolocation data with all form submissions
  • Protects your company data and privacy with a solution built for industry (and not generic web marketing tasks)
  • Connects to real-time reporting dashboards so you can monitor risk and respond immediately

With site pre-access questionnaires now a way of life for industry, it’s time to start thinking of long-term solutions that minimize your effort and risk. Contact the opLYNX team today to schedule a demo.

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