Identify High-Risk Misalignments Between Your Plant’s Process Control and Safety Systems

Edmonton, Alberta – November 2018

Cybertech developed the Process Control and Safety Instrumented System Auditor to identify high-risk misalignments between plant process control and safety systems – and provide sufficient guidance to each plant system owner to resolve material issues.

Computerized data analytics are effective in mining the big data found in a typical process facility. The Cybertech System Auditor accepts native data from plant systems, cleans up and standardizes the data with purpose-built C# data mining applications and SQL data manipulation. Tiered SQL views minimize data duplication and facilitate automatic updates when base native data changes (e.g. after a system owner advises that they have resolved identified issues).

Example applications for the automated tools within Cybertech System Auditor:

  • Reconciling DCS and alarm management databases (identifying instrument tags in the DCS but not in the alarm database – and vice versa)
  • Reconciling SIS and DCS gateways (cross inclusions and description matching)
  • Ensuring overall DCS coherency (confirming expected block connections and alignment with configuration standards)

Additional Cybertech System Auditor Features:

  • Checking analog instrument saturation and alarm levels versus SIS configuration fault settings
  • Aligning instrument ranges (ensuring calibration with the design range)
  • Performing many of the SIS verification and validation steps required by IEC 61511

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Cybertech System Auditor white paper

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