Cybertech ISA Show Technical Seminar – “Asset Management Systems – How to Really Use Them”

In addition to exhibiting at the April 19-20, 2017 ISA Calgary Show (booth 217 in Hall D/E), Cybertech will also be hosting a technical seminar titled “Asset Management Systems – How to Really Use Them” on April 20 at 10:00 AM in Arabian Room C.

Join presenters Tomas Vidal and Mike Palamarek as they explore using your Asset Management System (AMS) to its full potential.

Many companies have invested in an Asset Management System (AMS) to communicate with their instruments. In many plants, these systems are only used to configure instruments when they fail or are being set up for the first time. There is the potential to leverage these systems to actually save time/money, easily do rigorous testing and ultimately monitor/maintain the performance of the plant.

A major requirement in most plants is to do regular safety systems testing. The maintenance department typically does manual calibration and logs the results. AMS systems can be used along with automatic calibration equipment to automate/document this activity, but this is only the start. By looking at the data available in all the control systems (DCS, SIS and PLC), there is an opportunity to integrate all of this information with the AMS.

Cybertech Automation will present the theory, methodology and equipment available to integrate information from the AMS, plant historians, sequence of event logs and automatically perform and digitally document a Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) instrument proof test.

The presentation will explore these topics:

  • Automated safety system testing
  • Trip credit tools
  • Trip validation tools
  • Digital documentation of tests/trips/validation

Visit the ISA Calgary website for more detailed information about the technical seminar.

Don’t miss this seminar that will educate, inform, and share examples of successful AMS implementations. Maintenance and project stakeholders dealing with AMS, DCS and SIS technologies are encouraged to attend.

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