Cybertech a Proud Part of AlbertaSat Successful Launch

On April 18, 2017, the first Alberta-made satellite was launched into space. The successful launch was the culmination of 7 years work by a University of Alberta team.

“We did it! Alberta has put a satellite in space now. It’s totally possible,” said Charles Nokes, one of the more than 50 AlbertaSat team members. “We’ve shown that we can do it. It’s something for kids and anybody looking for careers in space.”

After rendezvousing with the International Space Station, the Ex-Alta 1 satellite will enter low Earth orbit to monitor space weather.

As one of the project’s official donors, Cybertech was honoured to have our name engraved on a plaque (with other proud sponsors) that accompanied the satellite into orbit (shown in the photo of the Ex-Alta 1 when it was still in the test lab).

Cybertech sponsored the AlbertaSat Ex-Alta 1 satellite. Their logo was engraved on a plaque that accompanied the satellite into space.

Cybertech applauds the AlbertaSat team. Their landmark achievement heralds new opportunities for the province of Alberta and its future generations of scientists, engineers and dreamers.

The exciting launch can be viewed in NASA’s official video below.

With content from Global News. Feature article image by Andy Kale, University of Alberta


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