Using Big Data Analytics on Process Control and Safety Instrumented System Configuration

In this month’s Processing Magazine, Dean Whitford recaps a Cybertech Automation project that helped identify a major facility’s potential misalignments by building an evergreen auditing solution. The solution utilized purpose-built C# data mining applications and SQL data manipulation to monitor system alignment throughout the facility’s life cycle.

The full article is available here. The complete Processing Magazine issue is also available here.

For those attending the 2018 ISA Automation Expo & Conference in Edmonton on April 25 & 26, Cybertech Automation is hosting technical presentation with the article author. The Intel Talk (and following question and answer session) is a unique opportunity gain additional insight on this topic. More details about the presentation are below.

April 26, 2018

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM – Intel Talk Bar 1

Topic: Automated Tools To Increase Safety & Reliability

Presented by
Dean Whitford
Project Manager, Cybertech Automation

Safety and reliability are maximized when well-engineered industrial plants have Operations, Management and Engineering systems, and their documentation in sync. Any misalignment can contribute to inefficiencies, decreased operating plant safety and availability. This talk will present the processes and tools that can be used to reconcile documentation, control systems, operating data, and configuration across an entire plant site. This talk will present a case study that used data mining to identify gaps in an operating plant.

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