The Group of Companies

Cybertech Automation

Cybertech Automation is a systems integration company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our extensive experience with PLC, DCS and SIS programming makes us one of the best full-service engineering companies in Canada. With over 100 employees representing a broad skillset, our control systems work is solidly supported by an in-house electrical design team. Our project managers ensure that our efforts consistently meet your needs, budget and timelines.

Cybertech Industrial Software

Cybertech Industrial Software is an industrial IT software company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Specializing in SCADA and HMI applications, we develop software for oilfield data acquisition, plant process control and continuous emissions monitoring in a variety of industries.

Cybertech Electric

Cybertech Electric is a full service electrical contractor with a primary focus in electrical controls systems commissioning, co-ordination and execution – in addition to complete control panel fabrication.

Cybertech can:

Cybertech has 25 years of experience with PLC, DCS, SIS, SCADA and HMI
  • Design and engineer new control systems
  • Replace or upgrade obsolete equipment
  • Work with various PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
  • Design and upgrade control networks
  • Configure HMI/SCADA/RTUs
  • Consolidate data and support production reporting
  • Design and fabricate control panels
  • Perform commissioning support
  • Support your drafting and CAD needs